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Private Bridal Appointment in Bellevue: $50 VIP Experience

We are excited to meet you and honored you chose us to help with your big day!

Dolce Bleu

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The #Bleubride Experience

Book an appointment with  Dolce Bleu,  let us celebrate you!  Our Bridal boutiques will offer you and your tribe a fun, informative, loving day, as you find your dream gown in the thousands of gowns in store from Simple to Luxury.  Come ready to say yes all over again!  Your gown is here,  We'll introduce you when you arrive. 

Want to make a girl feel special?  Want an IG worthy moment?  Book a VIP appointment with Dolce Bleu for a small fee and a big impression.  Your group will receive Bubbly, Treats, Seating up to 8 guests, and fun surprises.

~  Bleu Bridal Appointments include ~ 

- Access to over 3,000 + gowns and package deal offers

- Private suite one-on-one reservation with our trained knowelegable bridal stylists 

- Bridal Suite and seating area to host up to eight guests 

Your perfect bridal gown: Bellevue & Seattle Dolce Bleu

How long will my appointment last?

Appointments are booked in 90 min time frames.  Weekends are held to these time frames.   We can schedule a weekday appointment to allow for more flexible timelines, however our weekends are strictly 90 min.  

I'm looking for a certain gown can you pull it?

Bring your photos and idea boards!  We are so excited to see your vision.  We want to meet with you and make sure the gowns you are looking for work with your vision, budget and timeline.  When working with gowns, they are used in all our appointments so they remain available until your appointment begins.  Gowns remain available for any bride to see and try when looking for THE ONE! 

What should I bring?

You don't need to bring anything to your initial appointment.  You will be trying store gowns of all shapes and sizes.  We can work magic to make them look like they fit!  once your gown is purchased and arrives bring your shoes, lingerie and accessories to the fitting at that time.  No need to worry about extras until then. 

Can I bring guests?

We feel it is so important and special to share this moment with those close to you.  We always have four seats reserved for your appointment.  Whether you are searching for Bridal gowns in Bellevue or Wedding Dresses in Seattle We are here for you.  Be sure to visit the new Dolce Bleu in Bellevue. 

Can we have Champagne?

We Love Champagne!!!  Yes!!  Customers need to know: in the state of Washington it is against the 'Open Container Law' to carry an open container of alcohol into or out of  a public place. Call us for availabitity and reservation of Champagne, or to donate a bottle to your bride during her appointment.

All other food and drink is not welcome as we have very precious cargo in the boutique.  We want to protect every brides gown and keep spicy wing sauce away.  

Can we bring small children, photographers, pets, etc.?

Everyone is welcome in Dolce Bleu!  We want your friends and family to celebrate with you. It's important to remember this is a big decision.  The more going on and potential distractions the more difficult it can become for the bride.  Photos are limited and Face time is recommended.

 *Guide dogs, and service animals are allowed.  Children and pets should be limited as this is a delicate area.